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To My Fellow Improvisers


Hello my fellow improvisers,

Some of you know me, and for many of you we don’t know each other but we’ve watched each other perform. I want to write to you about an incident that recently happened to me at a show at the Triple Crown.

My team and I were mingling before our show. I don’t typically…

A similar thing happened to Van Hailin’. Somebody we’d never even met (Friend of a friend of a performer) got caught leaving with a can of Bud Light, which they don’t sell, while she was walking out. We had no idea who this person was, and had never done anything in the two years or so worth of shows we’d hosted there. I get that being a bigger thing than water, but no matter how much we restated that we had no idea the guy (Redheaded Irish guy with a beard) just wouldn’t fucking budge. I left furious, and decided to never fucking go back to that shit hole again.

I used to love Triple Crown shows, and the vibe of the whole place, but now they’ve seemingly decided to try and run us out as quickly as possibly without the decency of using any lubrication.

I don’t think we’ve ever met, Jake, but I’m sorry that’s happened and it’s fucking ridiculous.

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A profile of Del Close made by then intern now amazing person Brian Stack in 1986. This is the real stuff, people.