Hello. How have you been? I forgot this was here.

Going to LA in 9 days. What is/are the best:

1 - Mexican Food. Had El Coyote last time. It’s tequila menu was two full menu pages long and filled me with both awe and an unshakeable terror I carry with me to this very day. It is my dark passenger.

2 - Outdoorsy thing. Note that I WILL get sunburned when exposed to more than 8 minutes of sunlight. This is a risk I’m willing to take.

3 - Weird thing. Like: Super bizarre thing that shouldn’t be but is. I have been told the Jurassic Technology Museum is great and strange and wonderful. Something akin to that.

4 - LA UCB shows. I will be seeing The Smokes, Shitty Jobs and a third one.

5 - Burgers. I have tried In-N-Out. It made me nauseous and I had a headache for the rest of the day. It was the first thing I ate that day, so I’m willing to accept that this one may be on me. I like a burger that is NOT large, so none of that 8 oz steakhouse can’t get your mouth around it bullshit. I need a burger that is manageable and not mocking me while I struggle to get it in my mouth. Like almost all girls. #SupLadiiiiiiiees

6 - Music Venues. I’d maybe like to see a band that doesn’t suck.

7 - Times to go to Disneyland in the summer. I know that’s probably an insane thing given that it will be DISNEYLAND IN JULY but hey, Cars Land has made me feel feelings in my downlows that I simply can’t ignore.

8 - Places to get ol’ timey alcohol. Perhaps served to me by a man with a mustache named “Curt” or “Wizened Fred” who could also maybe cut my hair and tell me how to fight a bear. What I’m saying is does Teddy Roosevelt run a bar out there?

That is all for now.