And on the 30th of July, 2014, the Hawkguy fandom collectively lost its shit…again.


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  • Question: Chuck, any advice for a 22 year old feeling paralyzed by fear at the cusp of adulthood? - Anonymous
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    Every age has its own fear.  In childhood I feared bullies and the Vietnam draft.  In adulthood I feared failing at a career.  I feared the death of my parents — my greatest fear to date.  Please just accept that a greater fear will always arrive to replace the last fear. Then, regardless, do what you dream of doing. 

    P.S.  In the photo recently posted of me holding the hand-lettered sign, I spelled my own name wrong.  I am an idiot.  At  times that is a blessing.

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Aimee Mann and John Roderick (by davidjlee)

My faves.

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  • Question: Dream creative teams for DC's Trinity? - Anonymous
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    I have creators I keep going back to because I like them so much.

    Jeff Parker & Chris Samnee on “Superman” 
    Mark Waid & Evan Shaner on “Superman”

    Jason Aaron & Declan Shalvey on “Batman”
    Kelly Sue DeConnick & Emma Rios on “Batman”

    Marjorie Liu & Kris Anka on “Wonder Woman”
    Greg Rucka & Sara Pichelli on “Wonder Woman”

    Oh god thanks a lot uncannybrettwhite now you’ve got me thinking about Jason Aaron writing Batman. THANKS FOR PUTTING THIS IMPOSSIBLE THING IN MY MIND.

    I’ll admit one thing: It’s basically just “Southern BATstards.”

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Air Gordo!
original photo taken at Randall’s by Rene Huemer

This is my new favorite meme.

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Perhaps the most specific t-shirt ever sold. The ONE guy in this situation, though: boy howdy.

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  • Question: I have writing books by Denny O'Neil and Peter David. I love your writing, and feel it's SO much different from both of them (I love them too). What sets your book apart? What does it focus on? I'm really interested. - antoniotyler
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     words for pictures is not a how to write like ME book in the traditional sense.

     it is me being your verbose guide to the process of how comics are made and why,  or why comics should be made and then I am your host as I introduce you to many other creators and we get a peek into their philosophy at their work habits,

     of the many highlights of the book that people will be surprised by include the chapter ‘how I write Hawkeye’ by Matt fraction, the editors Roundtable where editors tell you the absolute do’s and don’ts of how to behave yourself, and the artists roundtable where many artists who do not do interviews express what they like and don’t like about collaborations.

     and the chapter on the nitty-gritty of how to run your business which many books on the subject ignore but could not be more important in this culture

    "how I write hawkeye." Yessssssssssssss.

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I made myself a Captain Marvel bracelet as solace for getting through SDCC hell week except I didn’t have enough red so hopefully no one notices…

girladactyl is the best at making these also maybe hey make me a Hawkguy one? Source: girladactyl